HP LTO Cassettes Always Comes For Giving Best Operation

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13aLinear Tape Open’s unique feature make LTO media format the top and trusted choice of the data administrators round the universe. LTO technology offered to all businesses and business ventures choice, more flexibility. With LTO format family that is growing. HP introduced its latest version of the data back-up’s storage option. HP LTO-5 cassette is fulfills the needs of lessening info backup windows, well- ordered data transfer, storage space ability, and best effort with really low cost. Almost all HP LTO data back-up storage string gratification appropriately with their business environment and give customer a peace of mind.

HP LTO 5 tape developed with best available techniques and standards. The product assures robust security and outstanding value to businesses, the most precious, sensitive information and info of organization.

Hewlett Packard carefully and developed and designed HP LTO-5 C7975A tape cartridge. HP LTO5 cartridge is completely loaded with amazing features that were never used in products that are past. These cassettes deliver better and quicker data transaction and performance. Upgraded with doubled media data storage capacity compare to HP LTO4 version. HP raised HP LTO-5 native capacity 15 terabyte and with compressed form it’d be increase to 3 terabyte which practically icon characteristic of this mega merchandise. This really is absolute relief for huge and busy data centers. Read speed can also be increased respectively with 140MB/ second and maximum foundation it may reach up to 280MB/ second which is enormous boost to LTO products. That why HP LTO 5 tapes are ideal choice for critical time business environments, SMBs, active network servers and large scale businesses. Tape span is 846m with cassette width 1265 mm, thicknesses 64 um. Bit density is 345 Kbits/inch, with 1280 data tracks. Archival storage life of HP LTO-5 cassette is more than 30 years.

WORMS (write once read many) based technology used by HP developers, this technology trusted to and secure for info tampering and over writing. As well as the encryption function ensures precious and significant data from any misusages or loses. These dynamic features ensure users long term protection with very low prices.

Several technical improvements have been enhanced by HP to HP LTO 5 data security is chief feature of this merchandise. And that is ideal choice for automated storage environments. HP LTO-5 tapes drivers are also updated with much advancement without using every other device or resource, and one can interchange both WORM and rewrite these tapes. HP also developed a new progressive and smart grabber system which really helps to reduce media tear and wear. And also help to lessen the friction between cassettes and head too. HP LTO-5 cassette carrying substantially enhanced mechanical interlock mechanism system which will be helpful to provide durability and greater stability during very heavy workload. And most sophisticated detectors and specific are placed into HP C7974A LTO-5 Tapes that consistently finds appropriate unloading or loading of media tape.

Its old cassettes are additionally presented by HP:

HP C7971A LTO-1 Tapes
HP C7972A LTO 2 Tape
HP C7973A LTO-3 Tape
HP C7974A LTO-4 Cassettes

Hp performed unique tests ensure its best quality before sale and to verify the standard, functionality, external pressure, fall testing, media loading unloading testing it in market.

HP LTO-5 is long-lasting and reliable products with technique and tremendous attributes which give satisfaction to customers.